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Managing Rail Assets – Consider Hiring A Railroad Investment Company

As an industrial unit, managing rail assets is difficult and expensive. As rail assets are worth billions of dollars, you need an efficient, reliable, agile, and experienced Railroad Investment Company to act as a managing partner. These assets include rail lines (around the plant area and the main line for carrying freights), yards, terminals, switching, and other facilities.

Managing such assets require core competency from an experienced team of senior managers and technical staff to acquire, consult, build, and repair long term cost effective railroad solutions with timely maintenance plans.

The operating team can come on board to run and manage the rail assets effectively. The team can acquire, invest, and operate private industrial rail assets effectively on a budget. The team will use their rich experience and knowledge to classify the important projects required to run the freight services effectively.

The team will hold years of experience in managing projects like developing rail lines between plants, freight lines, terminals and parks. Many reconstruction and upgrade projects related to low-capacity/dormant lines hold priority for a Rail Assets Company.

If you are looking for a reliable investor for short lines management, you must look forward to work with a team with strong relevant experience. A rail asset operating company will provide buy-out capital for controlling minority/majority ownership or recapitalize the existing business line.

If you are looking for construction or rehabilitation of Class 1 and Class 2 lines or want an investor for revamping the existing infrastructure to make it more agile and production friendly, you must bring a rail asset management investor on board/

Apart from managing and consolidating different kinds of projects and assets, a company will also provide custom rail services including:-

Independent rail services operators

If a business wants to sell off their private rail yards, terminals, and storage facilities, you can get the best deals through collaboration and partnership with a rail asset management investor.

The company will use their rich experience and combine the local knowledge of the owner to convert these yards to profitable units.

Railcar Repair and Maintenance services

The operating company will work to check the existing fleet of the rail car and provide long term and cost effective maintenance solutions.

The technical staff will use their rich knowledge to pick the best replacement parts and find the root cause to improve the efficiency of the railcar.

The company can provide funding up to $500 Million including project financing.

It will also offer reliable and timely Transload Solutions including unloading to final delivery.

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